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Forensic Technician

Pierce County
tacoma, WA Full-time
Posted on July 14, 2019

Forensic Technician


SALARY:  $27.96 - $33.74 Hourly 

OPENING DATE:  07/14/19

CLOSING DATE:  07/26/19 11:59 PM


Forensic Technicians are responsible for a variety of tasks within the field of criminal identification.  Job duties are technical in nature, and support criminal identification and criminal records maintenance functions utilizing a variety of methods.  



  • Photograph various individuals, including assault victims and sex offenders.
  • Prepare and analyze latent prints from crime scenes; photograph and develop latent prints in the lab.
  • Enter inked, electronic and latent fingerprints into an automated fingerprint identification system (Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS)/Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS) to perform searches and comparisons of fingerprints for positive identification in various information systems, i.e. FBI, Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) and Western Identification Network (WIN).
  • Perform manual search and comparison of inked and latent fingerprints, as necessary.
  • Prepare and analyze facial images submitted from various sources for facial recognition and facial examination; enter facial images into various facial recognition systems to perform searches and comparisons of facial images for positive identification purposes; and perform facial examinations.
  • Maintain manual fingerprint records.
  • Identify offenders for the purpose of accurately establishing criminal identity utilizing various identification methods and techniques.
  • Operate a variety of equipment such as computer terminals; photography equipment; laboratory equipment and related chemicals; and operate various software such as AFIS, Excel, Word, Outlook and other County-wide programs.
  • Prepare documents and displays to be presented in court; give expert testimony in court; work with law enforcement officers and Prosecuting Attorney's Office on cases as required. 
  • Practice effective and required safety and quality control procedures.
  • Collect Felon Database DNA for Court Orders and Sex Offender Registration (SOR) for purposes of Washington State Patrol Crime Laboratory DNA Database as needed. 
  • Obtain palm prints and fingerprints using a Livescan device.
  • May perform specialized assignments such as forensic art drawings.
  • Maintain professional certifications through attendance at required training.
  • Work effectively as a team member; provide assistance to other unit employees as necessary, including sex offender registration.
  • Maintain regular, predictable and punctual attendance during regularly scheduled work hours at assigned worksite.
  • Perform the physical requirements of the position; work within the established working conditions of the position.
  • Work a flexible schedule, which may include evenings, weekends, holidays and overtime.
  • Travel to and from various work sites as required.


High school graduation or G.E.D. certificate is required.  United States citizen or lawful permanent resident and the ability to read and write the English language as required by RCW 41.14.100, is required.  One (1) year of fulltime work experience in fingerprinting - with primary emphasis on fingerprint classification, searching, comparison and filing of fingerprints, including latent fingerprints. 

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS:  Ability to obtain and maintain required professional certifications is a condition of continued employment.  Ability to successfully complete a Pierce County Sheriff's Department background investigation, which may include a medical physical, behavioral assessment and polygraph, is required prior to hire. A valid Washington State driver's license may be required when travel is required of the position.



Answering the supplemental questions is part of the examination process and is MANDATORY. 

Answer each question fully and clearly.  Please describe in detail your past work experience and education in the following areas.  List your employer(s) and dates of employment separately for each question.

Your answers will be scored according to established criteria.  Please be specific and detailed in your answers, so that enough information is provided in order to be evaluated.  Incomplete information will result in a lower score or rejection of your application.

Applicants must successfully complete the experience and training examination with a passing score of 70%. 

Applicants passing the experience and training examination will be invited to an oral board interview.  

Prior to appointment, a thorough background investigation will be conducted consisting of, but not limited to: personal history statement, personal interviews, employment check, professional and personal reference checks, job specific interviews, criminal and credit checks, neighborhood check, polygraph examination and a drug screen.  Failure to pass any phase of the background investigation shall be cause for removal from the employment register. 

Veteran's preference will be granted in accordance with RCW 41.04.  If you are eligible to have veteran's scoring criteria applied to your examination score, you must submit a copy of Copy 4 of your DD214 with your application. 

Candidates will be referred from the register to fill vacant positions occurring within one (1) year from the date the name is placed on the register.

All Sheriff Department employees serve a one (1) year probationary period.