Silvestre Farms

1305 Tacoma Ave S, Suite 201
Tacoma , WA

52 Temp Agricultural Workers

Silvestre Farms
Tacoma, WA Full-time
Posted on June 24, 2018

52 Temp Agricultural Workers. Employer: Silvestre Farms. Job duties: plant and cultivate zucchini and fava beans; perform hand cultivation tasks; keep count of harvested and loaded crops, ensuring accuracy of all counts, record keeping, overages, shortages, wrong product harvesting and other record keeping; pick vegetable from plant by hand or use knife to remove vegetable from plant according to size, color, shape, and degree of maturity; may separate vegetable according to size and uniformity, and place in container; and, close container after packing and stacking full containers according to size. Work tools, supplies, equipment will be provided at no cost to worker. Wage: higher of $13.18/hr or applicable piece rate. Work dates: 05/01/2018 to 12/01/2018. Work sites: 935 Orchard Rd, Nipomo, CA and 881 Orchard Rd, Nipomo, CA. Employer guarantees employment for total work hours equal to at least 3/4 of total work period. Housing provided at no cost to all workers who cannot reasonably return to permanent residence at end of work day. Transportation and subsistence expenses paid by Employer upon completion of 50% of work contract, or earlier if appropriate, in amount of $12.09 per day. Apply at SWA located at 1305 Tacoma Ave South, Suite 201, Tacoma, WA 98402 or call (253) 593-7300. Job order #: 16029311. Employer will interview by phone or provide procedure for local interviews at little or no cost to worker and will not provide potential H-2A workers favorable treatment.